Bill Owens

Bill Owens

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A selection of Bill Owens best works. Edited by Claudia Zanfi. Text by Bill Owens, A. M. Homes.

ISBN: 978 88 6208 017 0

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Our house is built with the living-room in the back, so in the evenings we sit out front of the garage and watch the traffic go by…
Myths and rites of “stars & stripes” society in the black and white shots of a photographer who has always been interested in the social and anthropological aspects of United States culture: Bill Owens. Setting out from the great migratory waves and the rapid movement to the towns that took place in the 60’s, Owens began his career documenting the gatherings at Woodstock (the beat generation, the Rolling Stones at Altamont) and the pacifist demonstrations against the Vietnam war. By the 70’s he was already the official portraitist of that American way of life made up of neighbourhood, white fences and little flags in the garden. For the first time in a single publication the photographer has selected the most representative images of his series: Suburbia (1970-72), Our kind of People (1969-75), Working (I do it for money) (1975-77), Leisure: Americans at play (1973-80), After Suburbia (1975-77), 115 days. A Photographer’s journey across America (2003) and New Suburbia (2006-07). In his most recent work, mainly unpublished colour photos, Owens recounts the natural evolution of the  Suburbia scenario: cement as far as the eye can see and labyrinthine grids of streets where everyday life no longer seems to grant anything to the smile and curiosity of the photos shot in previous decades. The book is introduced with a fiction story by American writer A.M. Homes.
Born in San Jose, California, Bill Owens made his name in 1973 with Suburbia and numerous other monographs on the customs of middle class America. A collector of folk art and pop memorabilia, Owens has dealt with subjects such as food and vintage cars, and for 17 years has edited American Brewer, a periodical dedicated to beer.
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