Paesaggi interposti. Landscapes in between

Andrea Botto, Alberto Cadin Marco Citron, Danilo Donzelli Maurizio Montagna, Marco Signorini

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The landscape of Pordenone viewed by six photographers. Introduction by Giovanni De Roia. Text by Andrea Costa and Luca Panaro.

ISBN: 978 88 6208 038 5

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Paesaggi interposti is the result of the activity of  La Città Complessa cultural association with the participation of six photographers of international renown, who have focused our attentionion on the countryside of the city of Pordenone: Andrea Botto, Alberto Cadin, Marco Citron, Danilo Donzelli, Maurizio Montagna e Marco Signorini.
Curator Giovanni De Roia writes in the introduction: Paesaggi interposti is a part of the tradition of commissioned photographic works as a vehicle for interpreting the landscape, as suggested by numerous historical experiences, including Mission Heliographique in 1851 in France or the photographic projects carried in the United States in the 1930s by the FSA. (...) The aim of a photographical project in the Province of Pordenone is to bring to light the specific aspects of the territory; it is a diagnostic tool that, in certain cases, may suggest future scenarios for the countryside. On the one hand, the documentary nature of photography and, on the other, the multiple observation of the subject (never seen, or perhaps always seen but never observed), with different viewing angels and sensitivities, allow us to interpret the current process of transformation and the permanent features of the landscape. The more themes and viewpoints that are proposed, the richer will be the results of the research.
language:Italiano / English pages: 108 illustrations: 60 binding: paperback with sleeves release: january 2008
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