When I Think About Power

Eric Hart Jr.

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Text by Zun Lee, Chi Osse.
Conversation with Kalen Allen.

ISBN: 9788862087889

'When I Think About Power' is a black and white photo series showcasing 60 portraits focusing on the notion of power as it relates to the Black queer experience.

"Everyday of my life I’ve been called my father. And while I’ve watched my face mature into a replica of his, watched my beard fill in the same way his sits, and grew to a height tall enough to see him eye to eye, there are certain characteristics I could never seem to match. The stride in his walk, the tone of his voice, but most importantly, the pride in himself. The type of pride that exudes a certain confidence, a certain power. Growing up as a queer black man in Southern America, power hid from me. Almost like a game of hide and seek. I searched and searched. Followed the tracks of others. Tracks that led me to pews of judgment, in between sheets of temporary satisfaction, and ultimately to a place of always questioning who looked back at me in mirrors. It wasn’t until this search led me to photography that I began to understand this person. Through photographic expression I have begin to find my own town of voice, my own stride, my own power. This collection is an expression of my journey." Eric Hart Jr.
language:english pages: 144 illustrations: 60 binding: hardback release EU: March 2023 release USA: May 2023
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