WC. World Citizen

Gustav Willeit

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In collaboration with Uniun di Ladins Val Badia
Text by Nadine Isabelle Henrich

ISBN: 9788862087896

'WC. World Citizen' presents photographs taken by Gustav Willeit while traveling across Italy, China, Japan, California, Iceland, and Uganda.

Every corner of the planet hides traces of the past, and Willeit perfectly captures these evanescent memories. Regardless of latitude and longitude, the presence of humans, civilizations and anthropogenic interventions in natural ecosystems has caused an exceptionally rapid loss of biodiversity. And yet he is aware that humanity does not own Earth, and never has – despite the fact we have always thought so. An awareness reflected in pictures depicting how our home has become more and more of a precarious habitation. The book is a journey delving into nature’s folds and cracks, increasingly impacted by humanity’s arrogant stewardship.

We are 'WCs': world citizens, as described by Japanese composer Sakamoto. And yet as 'WCs' we run the risk of, slowly but inexorably, transforming into another 'WC' of lesser noble nature.
language:english pages: 160 illustrations: 87 binding: hardback release EU: April 2023 release USA: May 2023
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