Pierre Fatumbi Verger. United States of America 1934 & 1937

Javier Escudero Rodríguez

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Edited with introduction by Javier Escudero Rodríguez.
Prologue by Nancy de Souza, Deborah Willis, Alex Baradel

ISBN: 9788862087742

Pierre Fatumbi Verger is considered one of the most outstanding photographers of the twentieth century as well as a recognized researcher in the field of African Diaspora and religion studies.

Verger traveled to the United States of America in 1934 and 1937, during the Great Depression, producing a collection of exceptional images documenting the American identity and the challenging social and economic atmosphere of the time. Verger captures the complex cultural and racial diversity of the country where many citizens still confront segregation and poverty, while struggling to live a better life. His photographs constitute an extraordinary contribution to our understanding of the 1930s in the U.S., and to the growth of photojournalism, documentary and artistic photography.

The 150 images, the majority of which have never been published, were selected by Javier Escudero Rodríguez among 1110 negatives, after a meticulous research, from Verger´s archive at the Pierre Verger Foundation in Salvador.
language:english pages: 160 illustrations: 150 binding: hardbound release EU: September 2022 release USA: October 2022
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