Into the Wild

Matthew Brookes

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Interview by Zack Raffin

ISBN: 9788862087643

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'Into the Wild' is the second monograph by Matthew Brookes and is a vibrant celebration of surf life and a joyful escape from the heavy reality that kids are living right now in the West Coast. Brookes followed a group of kids from their local surf spots in Venice Beach and up and down the coast on their adventures. The story is about van culture along the California coast - kids that choose to live the dream - live for surf and freedom and travel and live out of their vans - searching for the perfect wave.

The book includes interviews with the van guys and girls done by Zack Raffin from a major surf magazine called 'Stab Magazine'. Zack is a young surfer himself and grew up with van culture - so the interviews will be geared towards surfers speaking to surfers.

A special poster printed in 250 copies is included randomly in the book distributed worldwide. All the 50 signed copies of 'Into the Wild' available on Damiani website come with this special poster.
language:english pages: 144 illustrations: 120 binding: paperback release: March 2022
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