The Other World. Animal Portraits | Signed copy

Brad Wilson

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Essay by Dan Flores.

ISBN: 9788862087476

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This spectacular collection of photographs is a follow-up to Wilson’s very successful book, 'Wild Life', which was published in 2014.

With 80 percent new work, stunning landscape format design, a new introduction by Wilson about his philosophy and process, and an essay by Dan Flores, author of the New York Times-bestseller Coyote America, 'The Other World. Animal Portraits' will be a welcome sequel and a strong contender in the popular wildlife photography genre.

Although he shoots in the studio, Wilson is inspired by the notion of the “authentic encounter,” that is, allowing the animal to reveal itself to us rather than imposing our subjective notions on it or on the portrait. Wilson works in cooperation with zoos and wildlife sanctuaries who bring the animals into a studio, where he photographs them against a black background. This makes the animals appear grounded and three-dimensional—magnificent, approachable, yet inherently mysterious.
language:english pages: 168 illustrations: 94 binding: hardbound with jacket release: October 2021
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