Lump Sum Lottery

Bonnie Briant

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Text by Sylvia Plachy.

ISBN: 9788862087230

Over the course of a decade, photographer Bonnie Briant collected everything she saw, resulting in an extensive catalogue of photographs. Her first monograph, 'Lump Sum Lottery' is quiet and subtle selection of images produced during those ten years.

Self-reflexive and diaristic in nature, 'Lump Sum Lottery' represents the many idiosyncratic, intimate moments that make up a life—the in-between spaces, the moments you feel but can’t necessarily put into words; time passing in a wild rush, with everything changing yet, somehow, staying exactly the same. The photographs become personal touchstones, a mode of organizing, controlling (to an extent), and collecting the world. Each picture stands alone, infused with its own story, but quietly come together, like a steady stream, as a whole.
language:english pages: 112 illustrations: 72 binding: softcover with flaps release: March 2021
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