7 Deaths of Maria Callas

Marina Abramović

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Photographs by Marco Anelli.

ISBN: 9788862087315

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'7 Deaths of Maria Callas' is an opera project created by Marina Abramović premiering at the Bayerische Staatsopera in Munich 2020. In collaboration with an all star creative team and through a mix of narrative opera and film, Abramović re-creates seven iconic deaths from Callas’ most important roles throughout her career, followed by an interpretive recreation of Callas’ actual death played by Abramović on stage.

This book serves as a companion to the live performance and provides a behind the scenes look into the different elements that make up this conceptual and dynamic homage to the classic and iconic singer.
language:english pages: 176 illustrations: 85 binding: clothbound release: September 2020
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