Body Language

Allen Wheatcroft

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ISBN: 9788862087032

Allen Wheatcroft’s first monograph, 'Body Language', explores the balance between connection and dislocation, which he observes while roaming city streets, camera in hand. Taken in Chicago, Sweden, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Paris, the book includes an introduction by renowned New York City street photographer Jeff Mermelstein.

The photographs emphasize gestures, movements, and expressions; a visual language without words. The viewer comes to wonder about, and empathize with, the loners and bankers, doormen and gym rats, tourists and sun bathers – eager, perplexed, hurting – who inhabit our cities. This project, which focuses on tension, loneliness, and synchronicity in contemporary life, uses the universal language of the body in the street.
language:english pages: 80 illustrations: 70 binding: hardback release: April 2020
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