Moon Atlas | Collector's Edition

Luca Missoni

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Collector's Edition of 15 copies.

ISBN: 9788862087186

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This Collector’s Edition includes the book 'Moon Atlas' and this print signed and numbered by Luca Missoni: 'Moonshadow 005/V', 2019, Digital archivial print on Harman paper, semi-matt finish laminated on aluminum sheet, 12,5 x 15,7 inches. The photograph has been printed in 2019 in a limited edition of 15 copies.
The Italian photographer Luca Missoni has always cultivated a great passion for the Moon. His interest in this celestial body originated in childhood when he began to explore the surface with a small telescope, back in the 1960s when space programmes made the first lunar explorations possible. Subsequently, this passion led him to photograph the ever-changing appearance of the Moon in a rigorous, almost scientific way while, over the years, also pursuing his own artistic project that has been realised with the publication of a Lunar Atlas.
language:english pages: 148 illustrations: 79 binding: hardback release: June 2019
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