I Saw the Sign

Matthew Frost

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ISBN: 9788862087056

Matthew Frost’s series - 'I Saw The Sign' - began like most of his work usually does; with a simple observation. After moving to Los Angeles the filmmaker and photographer began going on daily runs up the Hollywood Deep Dell, which happens to take him past the famed vista point where people flock to take pictures and selfies in front of the Hollywood sign. He began documenting each visit with his phone drawn in by the wealth of absurd satirical observations. But as a daily habit formed, he found these moments increasingly touching. In particular he focused his attention on the two flat rocks that people stand on for the ultimate Hollywood shot: “Why do they line up to step on this rock? It’s only inches higher than the ground and doesn’t really change the scale or the perspective of the shot! Not knowing what I’m going to find up there fills my routine with unknown and excitement. It’s forced me to be open and pay attention to others therefore getting over myself first thing in the day. It’s been therapeutic! Sure, for some it evokes a fascination with the movie industry or celebrity culture but what I love the most is to witness such different people aiming for the same goal in that one moment; creating memories together.”

Matthew Frost is a writer director known for his original short form comedy content starring some of today’s most high profile actors. His work has often struck a viral chord by satirizing fashion, advertising and celebrity culture. Matthew’s photography comes as a natural extension to his tone and visual taste. His previous title Little People In Fur Coats documented pet cemeteries from around the world.
language:english pages: 160 illustrations: 152 binding: clothbound release: October 2019
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