The Seeker of Korea's Spirit

Lee Gap-Chul

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Text by Sujong Song, Wendy Watress.

ISBN: 9788862086868

Lee Gap-Chul creates formidable, intense black & white photographic images that perfectly capture the spirit of Korean culture. Lee’s audacious camera work conveys an oppressed primal impulse and world of shamanism rooted deep in Korea’s collective unconscious. This stems from his characteristic manner of work; approaching subjects intuitively and directly and by depending on contingency, free from aesthetic consideration; and also by preferring rough cropping to a tidy finish or meticulous composition, drawing out chaotic force rather than a harmonious virtual world.

This book includes Lee Gap-Chul’s most iconic series of works, 'Conflict and Reaction' (1990-2002) and 'Energy-Qi' (2002-2007), as well as his ongoing projects (2008-present) which represent more than half of the bookend which are previously unpublished. This exhaustive monograph is published to coincide with a major retrospective exhibition at The Museum of Photography in Seoul (MOPS).
language:english / korean pages: 176 illustrations: 90 binding: clothbound eelease: October 2019
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