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The most outstanding contemporary chinese painters

ISBN: 978 88 89431 07 8

Chinese art is transforming its language into an original fusion between Asia and the West and producing a true originality in style and content. The works collected together in this book help the reader to understand a period of artistic investigation in a society that, through radical change, is confronting the Western world without being intimidated by it. Selected works of nearly 20 Chinese artists are reproduced in full colour. Vitality and reflection, a fast pace and fresh images treated with mastery that can only derive from long-standing technical asceticism, bright colours and a subtle irony pervaded by an enigmatic, though perceptible, spirituality – these are all characteristics of the works collected here, which strike us upon first impact. The works presented in China Contemporary Painting defy any attempt at categorization, since they respond to a multiplicity of approaches and interpretations of the contemporary reality and draw on the past in different ways. As Eleonora Battiston writes: The painters presented here do not share a precise common denominator. In fact it is interesting to observe how each uses and interprets this genre in a most different way, thus making it very topical and loaded with countless possibilities. They are the creators of works offering us a cross-section of and insight into contemporary Chinese art through manifold perspectives on this new painting genre from afar.
China Contemporary Painting features the works of 17 contemporary Chinese artists: Feng Zhengjie, Fu Hong, He Sen, Li Dafang, Li Songsong, Ma Liuming, Shi Xinning, Wang Xingwei, Wei Guangqing, Wu Yiming, Xie Nanxing, Yang Qian, Zeng Fanzhi, Zeng Hao, Zang Xiaotao, Zhou Tiehai.
language:English pages: 304 illustrations: 250 binding: hardback with sleeve release: spring 2005
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