Photographs 19'' x 15''

Horacio Salinas

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Text by Elisabeth Biondi

ISBN: 9788862086806

'Photographs 19”x 15”' is an artist’s book by the conceptual still life photographer Horacio Salinas that features his enigmatic collages and assemblages. Using every day detritus such as tear sheets from old magazines, used coffee filters, feathers and umbrella parts, Salinas’s creations when captured by his lens become expressive and sculptural character studies full of wit and pathos. These images reveal the power of photography to transform ephemeral moments into something sculptural and even heroic. The book contains an essay by Elisabeth Biondi, a photography curator and writer, and former Visuals Editor for The New Yorker.
language:english pages: 48 illustrations: 30 binding: hardbound with jacket release: September 2019
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