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The story of one of the most renowned Swiss watchmakers. Edited by John Goldberger. Text by Giampiero Negretti.

ISBN: 978 88 89431 40 5

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A symbol chosen in all likehood with reference to a famous Latin saying, but which was then to turn out to serve as an premonition of the path chosen: a path that was to lead Longines to grow and rise to fame and glory across the world. Perhaps it was just by chance, or perhaps a sign of destiny, but that winged hourglass, designed to represent time flying by, the "tempus fugit", was to become a protagonist not only in the history of 19th and 20th century watch making, but also that of the great geographical explorations, of the great wars, and above all - as if to reiterate the meaning of that pair of wings - of the great accomplishments made in aviation... Giampiero Negretti
A monography by the same author of Omega Watches and Omega Sportswatches - John Goldberger - telling the story of one of the most renowned Swiss watchmakers, Longines. A photographic collection of the Swiss producer's watches, chosen among the most precious and refined. 145 watches photographed full-page, accompanied by the detailed reproductions of cases, dials, movements and the relative calibres. A book which is one of a kind, a complete collection dedicated to collectors, insiders or simple enthusiasts.
language:English pages: 304 illustrations: 280 binding: hardcover release: fall 2006
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