63 E 9th Street. NYC Polaroids 1975 –1983. Untitled, nyc079 | Collector's Edition

Tom Bianchi

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Collector's Edition of 25 copies plus 2 Artist Proofs.

ISBN: 9788862086479

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This Collector’s Edition includes the book '63 E 9th Street. NYC Polaroids 1975-1983' and this print signed and numbered by Tom Bianchi: 'untitled, nyc079', New York City, 1975-1983, Archival pigment print, 7,5 x 7,6 inches. The photograph has been printed in 2019 in a limited edition of 25 copies plus 2 Artist Proofs.
In 1975 Tom Bianchi moved to New York City and took a job as in-house counsel at Columbia Pictures. That first year Tom was given a Polaroid SX – 70 camera by Columbia Pictures at a corporate conference. He took that camera to the Pines on summer weekends, those pictures became the book, 'Fire Island Pines. Polaroids 1975 – 1983' published in 2013. Now some 44 years later we finally get a first look at another extraordinary collection of polaroids by Tom taken in his NYC apartment at 63 East 9th Street.

This is an essential companion book to 'Fire Island Pines' and an important document of urban gay life.
language:english pages: 186 illustrations: 150 binding: hardbound with jacket release: June 2019
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