Oh! What Fun We Had

Gavin Watson

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Text by Andrea Rosso, Gavin Watson.

ISBN: 9788862086349

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Not just an ambitious restoration of a fascinating unseen archive; but a book that takes on the gargantuan task of shifting the collective memory around key moments in British youth culture history with a mesmerizing force of honesty and humanity. By the man who’s previous books 'Skins' (1994), and 'Skins & Punks' (2008), have been hailed as modern classics, Damiani is pleased to announce the latest Gavin Watson monograph. This intimate selection of photographs disrupts the notion of skinheads and council estate residents as problematic figures in an almost endearing manner while still preserving the subversive character of the cult of youth.

At an undisputed time of little optimism this monograph comes as a very important fly-on-the-wall testimonial and reminder that no matter how difficult life is, it should also be fun... At least when captured from the right angle.
language:english pages: 176 illustrations: 200 binding: hardbound release: March 2019
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