A Line in the sky

Caleb Cain Marcus

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ISBN: 9788862086363

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'A line in the sky' is a response to the overwhelming emotional reaction from the 2016 American Presidential Election. The results of the election were hard to comprehend because they couldn’t be understood through logical or rational thinking. The lack of comprehension of the results led to half the nation living in a continual state of bewilderment.

Caleb Cain Marcus turned to photography as a means to make sense of and process his visceral reaction to the election. He photographed the blue sky because like our thoughts and minds it is abstract and seemingly undividable and yet humans create division with thoughts and ideas which have no physical presence. He used his work to move beyond the feeling of hopelessness and despondency. The first step of the process was to physically divide the prints by tearing them in half. The next step was to join the two pieces together and finally to apply gold leaf along the tear to create a continuous gold line. Through this physical intervention to the photographs every print becomes a unique expression of an attempt to leave behind the feelings that resulted from the election.
language:english pages: 48 illustrations: 19 binding: paperback release: January 2019
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