Hair Stories

Rohina Hoffman

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Introduction by Emily Lambert-Clements.
Essey by Esther R. Berry.

ISBN: 9788862086400

'Hair Stories' is a series of excerpted interviews and portraits of a diverse array of women which explores the complex relationship women have with their hair. Photographer Rohina Hoffman used her interviewing skills, which she developed in her training as a neurologist, to establish an intimate rapport that allowed for a truthful telling about the impact of hair in these womens’ lives. Though it was conceived and shot before the #MeToo movement, this salient project presents hair as a metaphor for identity, femininity, and the manner in which women struggle for control over their own bodies in a misogynistic world.

'Hair Stories' reflects that hair is more than just style or aesthetics; it is a physical manifestation of the history of women.
language:english pages: 92 illustrations: 38 binding: hardbound release: November 2018
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