Martin Z. Margulies Collection Vol. I

Michael Danoff, Martin Z. Margulies and Katherine Hinds

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ISBN: 9788862086202

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This beautifully crafted, thoughtfully-paced book showcases selections from the renowned private collection of Margulies. The text includes essays and an interview by Michael Danoff. The book features full-color reproductions of the art as well as images of human interest items that add depth to the works and uncover the personality of the collector.

The 'Martin Z. Margulies Collection' is a two-volume hardcover book containing over six-hundred color reproductions. 'Volume I' features the Private Collection of art in the collector’s home. 'Volume II' will present the Margulies Collection at the Warehouse: a not for profit, open-to-the-public space, and will include vintage and contemporary photography, video, sculpture, and large-scale installation art, placing special emphasis on past exhibitions.
language:english pages: 268 illustrations: 200 binding: clothbound release: August 2018
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