A brief movement after death

Caleb Cain Marcus

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ISBN: 9788862086042

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'A brief movement after death' by Caleb Cain Marcus explores the release of energy from the body into the universe when we die.

The images were taken along the coasts of New York and California and contain sky and ocean—immense bodies of space in which we can lose ourselves, becoming part of their vastness.

The inspiration for the book came to the photographer from a personal experience. With the birth of his daughter, his death suddenly felt very near. His childhood questions about what happens when we die resurfaced and Cain Marcus began to think about how to visually represent what occurs after death.

This is the first body of work from his new practice that juxtaposes digital and hand-applied mediums. Together they create a hybrid surface, color and edge that challenge the medium of photography and the way in which it is used, seen, understood and felt. With the motion of a pendulum, the grease pencil is swung by a string to make tightly grouped marks that reference the finite quantity of time in a lifespan and that move across the paper as if in a formation of light leaving the earth.
language:english pages: 48 illustrations: 20 binding: hardbound release: April 2018
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