Giovanni Marrozzini

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A reportage about the way of life of Wolayta women in Ethiopia. Text by Cristina Paglionico, Cristina Scoppa, Gaetano Selandri, Gianfranco Priori.

ISBN: 978 88 89431 91 7

Eve is a reportage by Italian photographer Giovanni Marrozzini about the way of life of Wolayta women in Ethiopia. About 70 black and white photos describe the tough daily existence of these women: weaving, washing, ploughing, seeding fields, carrying huge wooden faggots, giving birth, looking after their children, etc. The world in which these women live is entirely controlled by men, that in Wolatya society hold a privileged and dominant position. In particular, Eve deals with the subject of infibulation, documenting with photos this tragic reality that marks women’s entry into adulthood, the fulfillment of their social position and their pray for fertility and desirability in the eyes of men. By looking at these women, Marozzini tells the story of a small part of the 100/140 millions women around the world, above all in Sub-Saharian Africa, suffering genital mutilations or alterations.
Giovanni Marrozzini was born in 1971 in Fermo, Italy, where he still lives and works. His real interest in photography starts in 1996. In 2003 he begins to devote himself to social issues, and at the request of several voluntary organisations undertakes assignments in Africa and Central America.
language:Italiano / English pages: 96 illustrations: 50 binding: hardcover release: spring 2007
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