American Romance

Chris Craymer

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ISBN: 9788862085847

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The study and interpretation of relationships has been a lifelong passion of Craymer. As a British photographer living in the USA he wanted to explore this favourite subject of his on this side of the 'pond'. He has always been attracted to storytelling. He likes to explore the intimacy and connection between couples and seek to portray their love and attraction for one another. He creates these pictures by encouraging his subjects to express themselves in an authentic way. The idea of this book is to explore that romance is alive and well in the USA as we head towards the end of this second decade of the 21st century. He could only reach a small number of couples but has attempted to reflect a cross section of relationships where love and laughter were the uniting qualities in every relationship he explored. The book is a celebration of human interaction and what it is to be alive and engaged with another person.
language:english pages: 200 illustrations: 170 binding: hardbound release: November 2017
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