In Plain Sight. The Photographs 1968-2017

Jean Pagliuso

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ISBN: 9788862085786

This monograph entitled 'In Plain Sight' is a survey of the multifaceted career of Jean Pagliuso who began her career in fashion and quickly rose to collaborate with film studios and directors. Her images, such as the unforgettable American Gigolo, have found their place in the visual history of the Motion Picture Industry.

Always present in the last two decades of her work is a backdrop of subtle theatricality that has continually seeped into her expansive landscapes and even into the subtle Poultry Suite, showing portraits of chickens. An extensive traveller, Pagliuso examines the mystery of place. Her willing subjects become the temples and pyramids of Egypt, Peru, Mali, Cambodia, Burma and in the deserts of New Mexico. These fragile structures have inspired her to employ an equally sensitive approach to printing. The result is a unique process of hand-applied silver gelatin on rice paper.

The book contains photos with text by the photographer and with a text edit by Joan Tewkesbury who scripted the award-winning film, Nashville.
language:english pages: 256 illustrations: 200 binding: hardbound release: November 2017
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