Snow White

Hiroshi Sugimoto

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Limited edition of 400 numbered and signed by the artist.

ISBN: 9788862085205

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'Snow White' is a unique collector’s edition book containing 76 artworks by Hiroshi Sugimoto. All of the photographs in 'Snow White' are from his Theaters series and include many of his well known photographs of classic movie palaces and drive-ins, along with new photographs of Italian opera houses and abandoned theaters.

Sugimoto began the Theaters series four decades ago. To make these images, he exposes the film inside the dark theater (or in the case of the drive-ins, outside at night) for the duration of the movie. The running movie is the only source of light bringing out the architectural details of these spaces.

The Disney movie Snow White was running when Sugimoto photographed Palace Theater, Gary, 2013, one of the abandoned theaters that is reproduced here. In this book, Sugimoto reveals for the first time the movies that were screened when he took these photographs and the exposure time of each photograph. Each artwork in Snow White is accompanied by the name of the movie, its running time, and a short text about each written by Sugimoto. The black-and-white photographs are hand-tipped onto the pages.
language:english pages: 160 illustrations: 76 binding: wrapped in silk bookbinding cloth release: October 2017
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