Marco Signorini

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Nature seems to be covered by a particular light... Text by Roberta Valtorta. Signed copy by the author.

ISBN: 9788889431665

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Echo includes over 40 photographs in which all the subjects, both people and places, seem to be covered in a particular light. A light which is hard to define, yet extremely full of meaning. There is nothing divine in it. It rather conveys both a sense of nostalgia and hope for lost times. Heavily influenced by the psychologist James Hillman and his book The Soul`s Code, Signorini attempts to restore the soul to its proper place as key to the human condition, creating images in which imagination, fantasy and myth melt into a synthesis between nature and human creation. By perfectly merging traditional photography with digital techniques, Echo seems to testify to the very essence of Signorini’s images, in which the vision becomes fleeting and impalpable, deploying in a mythical ahistoric time.
Marco Signorini (1962) lives in Florence. He has exhibited his photographs in group and solo shows in Italy and throughout the world. His works are held by the Museo Fotografia Contemporanea in Cinisello Balsamo and by the project "Linea di Confine per la Fotografia Contemporanea".
language:Italiano / English italian / english pages: 96 illustrations: 45 binding: cloth hardcover with sleeve release: spring 2007
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