Fancy dream

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"everything is possible" for China's new artists… Text by Eleonora Battiston and Zhu Tong.

ISBN: 978 88 89431 67 2

Gorgeous towering skyscrapers, heavier and heavier traffic jams, aerospace flights, the Olympic Game... These things seem to create an illusion that goes beyond reality. Nevertheless, thanks to modernizaton the Chinese people today can enjoy pleasures like never before, and they are more resolute than ever in imagining the possible utopias of the future. Just like the slogan “everything is possible”, Fancy Dream stands for what Chinese society now can imagine, and the works created by this circle of young artists are their way of discussing this contemporary issue. The spectator finds himself as if at a fun fair, or in a colourful amusement park, thanks to which the canons of art and all the possible prefixed criteria change. In this way, art becomes a relief, an aesthetic pleasure, but also a box full of intriguing contents. The secret lies in enjoying life as it flies past, in living the moment thereby allowing us to feel like children again, lightened of heavy responsibilities.
The nine artists featured in this book – Chen Ke, Feng Shu, Liu Ding, Liu Wei, Han Yajuan, Jiang Zhi, Wang Qiang, Wang Wei, Feng Zhengjie – have taken part in a group work that creates a multicoloured playground: installations, videos, photographs and other artworks entwine so that we loose the perception of the barriers and the borders among them.
language:Italiano / English pages: 184 illustrations: 130 binding: hardcover with sleeve release: spring 2007
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