Models Matter

Christopher Niquet

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Preface by Steven Meisel.

ISBN: 9788862085199

In 2008, Christopher Niquet, a well-known French stylist, spotted the 1960s supermodel Peggy Moffitt in a Beverly Hills restaurant. Never an autograph chaser, he nonetheless felt compelled to ask for hers. This candid moment ignited an obsessive, ongoing quest. Niquet began to reach out to the models he considered quintessential figures in his industry, for their epic beauty and remote auras. Deploying a sleuth's methods to locate these models around the globe, he collected 100 signatures, most of which are framed along with an iconic portrait.

“My original purpose was to get beyond the abstract, incorporeal beauty of these icons, and bring back a sense of their physicality. For me, each signature restored a womanly reality to the imaginary being.”

This book highlights the unique personalities of celebrated or forgotten women from the late 1950s to the 1990s and what they all have in common: the power to awaken creativity in the people who see them. Through generations of cover stories, 'Models Matter' explores a multi-layered history of feminine beauty, from Jean Shrimpton to Jerry Hall, Lauren Bacall to Linda Evangelista, Anita Pallenberg to Naomi Campbell, muses for extraordinary fashion lensmen like Steven Meisel (who wrote the preface), Irving Penn, and Richard Avedon.
language:english pages: 124 illustrations: 70 binding: softbound release: January 2017
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