Speak Easy

Sarai Mari

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ISBN: 9788862085076

Sarai Mari is drawn to an examination of the gender roles men and women play in society.

We all share a desire to be understood and accepted. In our radically changing and highly judgmental society, people are often scared of being isolated or left behind, so they conform to societal norms. But in adhering to an external perception of oneself, we are unconsciously denying our true selves. Mari is obsessed with discovering the true people behind their masks. What lies hidden beneath the skin is often much more beautiful than what is projected outward. Breaking down the layers through her lens, Mari reveals an intimate vulnerability that stops time.

'Speak Easy' captures her subjects’ essence. By celebrating the continuum of gender and sexuality, preconceptions lose their meaning, leaving nothing but the raw expression of the subject in the image.
language:english pages: 160 illustrations: 100 binding: hardbound release: December 2016
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