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Antoine Le Grand

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Collector's Edition of 15 copies plus 3 Artist Proofs.

ISBN: 9788862085090

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This Collector’s Edition includes the book 'Portraits' and this print signed and numbered by Antoine Le Grand: 'Iggy Pop', 2002, Archival inkjet print, 11 x 11 inches. The photograph has been printed in 2016 in a limited edition of 15 copies plus 3 Artist Proofs.
'Portraits' is the first monograph on the work of Antoine Le Grand and spans the 20-year career of this acclaimed celebrity photographer.

Taken from the pages of leading fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, W, GQ, and Vanity Fair, Le Grand’s images provide an astonishing collection of portraits of the actors, musicians, and personalities who enliven our culture. Through his irony, witty storytelling, and concise visual aesthetic, Le Grand has created indelible imagery of celebrities such as Iggy Pop, Gilbert and George, Harrison Ford, Al Pacino, Tim Burton, Woody Allen, and Jean Nouvel.
language:english pages: 316 illustrations: 280 binding: hardbound release: November 2016
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