NYC Marathon: Do Not Cross

Marco Craig

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Text by Federico Rampini.

ISBN: 9788862084970

In 'NYC Marathon: Do Not Cross', the Milanese photographer Marco Craig gathers the photos he took as he ran the New York City Marathon.

Craig describes his experience at the most famous marathon in the world through images from inside the race and not from the edges, thus offering a perspective from someone who experiences the atmosphere and the energy of the competition in person. “The idea was to produce portraits of the real element that nourishes and makes this race special: the public” says Craig. “Every year, tens of thousands of people pour into the streets to encourage all the participants in the Marathon. Through the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan, the crowd accompanies you with its support, affection, inventiveness, offering water and food, encouraging you and screaming the name printed on your shirt. And all this even manages to give you respite from the atrocious effort needed to finish the race. New York can be a cruel and merciless city, but not on the day of the Marathon.”
language:english pages: 80 illustrations: 60 binding: hardbound release: June 2016
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