Republic of Welcome

Arnold Mario Dall'O

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Text by Valerio Dehò.

ISBN: 97888894531377

Arnold Mario Dall'O's work pays a tribute to image. It springs out of a profound observation of the real world which is processed, disassembled and overlapped in a process condensing sensory experience. 'Republic of Welcome', a neverending source of dream-like and fantastic visions, draws its strength from the reiteration of graphic signs, endless matching of words and images. Bodies, still lives, human organs, drawings of animals multiply, thus shaping seemingly illogical or irrational compositions, which engender relations and links in a sort of combinatory rationale.

'Republic of Welcome' is a book evoking other readings in its amplification of symbols, a refined open archive made of drawings, wax paintings and installations in outdoors areas.
language:english / italian pages: 152 illustrations: 73 binding: hardbound release: 2006
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