Lipstick Flavor. A contemporary art story with photography

Edited by Jérôme Sans and Marla Hamburg Kennedy

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A sexy book to be kissed

ISBN: 9788862084260

'Lipstick Flavor', edited by Jérôme Sans and Marla Hamburg Kennedy draws a Lipstick panorama within the world of contemporary art photography. Fully illustrated, it is conceived as a magazine or a rhapsody without any beginning or end. The pages unfurl a new history of the relationship between contemporary art and lipstick: a story that shows how this feminine symbol with particular flavor has pervaded our culture and its imagery.

The book brings together more than forty international artists and photographers, from Marina Abramović, Araki, Maurizio Cattelan e Pierpaolo Ferrari, JR, Ryan McGinley, Daido Moriyama, Martin Parr, Alex Prager, to Sam Samore, Mikalene Thomas and Erwin Wurm...

Sublimed, made-up, eroticized... these traces of contemporary cult accoutrement have become an iconic element of contemporary values.
language:english pages: 208 illustrations: 120 binding: hardbound release: March 2016
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