Haas Brothers Volume II: Afreaks

The Haas Brothers

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ISBN: 9788862084345

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The second book in a series by the designers The Haas Brothers focuses on a new body of work comprised of fantastical handbeaded and bronze animal sculptures which they call 'Afreaks'. The 'Afreaks' were produced in South Africa in close collaboration with a group of traditional bead artists in a segregated township outside of Cape Town called Khayelitsha. The 'Afreaks', like all freaks, stand out for their nonconformism and, like all freaks, represent uninhibited expression of individuality.

The book not only documents these sculptures, but also the emotional and life-changing journey to create them with a close knit group of women who came to dub themselves the Haas Sisters.

The works, essays and images presented in the 'Haas Brothers Volume II: Afreaks' is the story of their journey and this extraordinary relationship.
language:english pages: 160 illustrations: 120 binding: paperback release: October 2015
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