This Time

Yana Toyber

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ISBN: 9788862083966

'This Time' is a photographic exploration and commentary on the human idea of time and it’s connection with nature. The project was shot by Yana Toyber is photographed on impossible project film, instant film that is modern day Polaroid film. Shot on Polaroid camera models 600 and SX-70 each image conveys emotion by the subjects and their surroundings. The images are portraits, environmental landscapes, nudes, and nostalgic still life moments captured in an instant by the artist. The color of each image in nature is affected by the temperature of the surroundings. Blue hues are usually taken in cold weather, pink, gold, and orange hues in warm weather temperatures, although there are some exceptions. The project has taken about three years to complete and has documented the stillness as well as movement and change of seasons and life cycles. The surreal appearance of images is a statement by the artist of how time is nonlinear and how moments in time are never replicated even though there is a sense of repetition.
language:english pages: 64 illustrations: 25 binding: hardback release: July 2015
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