Caffè & Stars

Reporters Associati

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A cup of coffee in... Via Veneto. Preface by Vincenzo Mollica and Walter Veltroni.

ISBN: 978 88 90130 47 2

This book shows celebrities during "La Dolce Vita", when famous stars spent their time in Via Veneto, drinking coffee to relax. Caffè and Stars celebrates this world full of life and dreams through a characteristic Italian ritual: the cup of coffee...
Whilst looking at these pictures, by some bizarre short circuit of the mind, I was reminded of a song that Antoine sung in a long-gone edition of the San Remo music festival: "but what did you put in the coffee?". Who knows how many thoughts and ideas have be stimulated by the aroma steaming from the tiny coffee cups and by the caffeine giving prized refreshment and energy to these artists immortalised by the photographers's flash with surrendering complicity - photographers who perhaps were unaware of it at the time, but who would later be proud of that nickname that Fellini invented for them: paparazzi.
Vincenzo Mollica
Reporters Associati photographic archive consists of millions of original negatives taken by photographers working in the world of show business between the post war period and the 1970s.
language:Italiano / English pages: 160 illustrations: 120 binding: flexible bound release: fall 2004
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