Dark City. Urban America at Night

Lynn Saville

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Foreword by Geoff Dyer

ISBN: 9788862084116

'Dark City' is a further exploration of the urban landscape at dusk and dawn, with a new focus on the effects of the recent economic turmoil on New York and other American cities. Shuttered stores and empty lots in city centers and fringe areas alike reveal a haunting and disquieting beauty. Occasionally, a person or the artist herself is visible as a ghosted image or shadow. Photographs in 'Dark City' also counterbalance signs of loss with a more optimistic message. They reveal a natural cycle of decay and rebirth in urban ecology, as objects such as ladders and brooms signal that the work of renewal is under way.

'Dark City' is ultimately a dynamic and ongoing dialogue between defined place and empty space that will fascinate general readers and urban specialists alike.
language:english pages: 128 illustrations: 80 binding: hardback release: June 2015
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