The Long Never

Hiroshi Sugimoto

€ 680,00

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Limited edition of 300 numbered and signed by the artist.
With an original story by Jonathan Safran Foer.

ISBN: 9788862083843

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'The Long Never' is a unique special edition book containing sixty-five artworks by Hiroshi Sugimoto. Composed of photographs from five series—'Meteorites', 'Dioramas', 'Pre Photographic Time Recording Devices', 'Lightning Fields', and 'Seascapes'—the sequence of images in this book conjures a natural history of the planet, perhaps even one untouched by humans. The black-and-white photographs are hand-tipped onto the pages of the book, which is wrapped in silk cloth. Celebrated author Jonathan Safran Foer has written an original story for this book. Foer’s text sits on the page underneath each artwork, so the reader must lift up each photograph in order to read the story.

The Long Never is limited to an edition of three hundred and sixty copies. It is housed in a custom-made brushed aluminum slipcase. Each book contains a colophon with the number of the edition signed by Sugimoto.
language:english pages: 140 illustrations: 65 binding: wrapped in silk bookbinding cloth release: June 2015
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