Silent Conversations

Eric Maillet

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ISBN: 9788862084154

This monograph presents Eric Maillet's entire body of personal photographic work.

Water and nature occupy a very important place in Maillet’s works with water in many forms; snow, ice, and bubbles. His images reduce nature to its simplest element, allowing one to contemplate its unexpected aesthetic. The female body also holds an important place throughout his work and finds its harmony in Maillet’s nature-focused universe.

His work has always taken into consideration that an open book or magazine invites the reader to look at two images simultaneously. Maillet chose 'Silent Conversations', two words meant to reflect the relationship between his images used to create diptychs. Maillet wanted to underline the exchange between the two images and indicate that it is in the middle that things happen. It also seemed interesting to Maillet to play with the contrast and the opposition (as we often see in photography and in art such as the distinction between shadows and light) of “silent” and “conversation”. This seems paradoxical. This causes us to ask ourselves questions. The photos are silent yet they tie together a long personal history, much research, and many conversations.
language:english pages: 192 illustrations: 150 binding: hardback release: June 2015
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