Opera | Collector's Edition

David Leventi

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Collector's Edition of 15 copies plus 3 Artist Proofs.

ISBN: 9788862084406

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This Collector’s Edition includes the book 'Opera' and this print signed and numbered by David Leventi: 'Palais Garnier', 2009, C-print, 14 x 11 inches. The photographs has been printed in 2015 in a limited edition of 15 copies plus 3 Artist Proofs.
In his series 'Opera', photographer David Leventi records the interiors of more than 40 opera houses spanning 4 centuries and 4 continents. Shot meticulously over five years 'Opera' presents a typology, each empty hall is seen from the place at center stage where the singers would stand. The large format camera reveals these temples of music in all their wealth of scintillating architectural detail which also serves the acoustic function of enriching sound. This body of work historically documents landmarks which stand as symbols of their nations’ wealth and grandeur, their dedication to the promotion of the arts and to bringing communities together. These halls have resounded with the voices of the greatest performers throughout history and their distinctive architecture has served as the inspiration for composers, writers and artists alike. Perhaps this work even casts a new light on the Renaissance debate of seeing versus hearing as the primary means of perceiving beauty. While the halls and photographs are silent the mind fills with music.
language:english pages: 120 illustrations: 40 binding: Hardback release: April 2015
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