Milano Buzz

Alessandro Cosmelli, Gaia Light

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ISBN: 9788862083935

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Italian-born photographers Alessandro Cosmelli and Gaia Light’s Milano Buzz is the second chapter of the ongoing series The Buzz Project, a temporal and symbolic portrait of the contemporary metropolis and its inhabitants, yet as seen from the window of public transport - in this case the ubiquitous city bus and trolley car. Caught in passing, each image is a chance arrangement of figures that appeared for a brief moment in front of the camera before the bus moved on, gleaning people’s hidden or transitory states of being and extracting timeless moments from the swirling tides of the contemporary city. Milano Buzz is a visual exploration that links the polished city center to its gritty suburbs, the high and the low, the glamorous and the real. It is a portrait that bares the multifaceted and cosmopolitan soul of a city that will play host to the 2015 Expo.

Alessandro Cosmelli is a New York City based documentary photographer born in Livorno, Italy. His work has taken him to travel throughout South America, West Africa, Middle East, Asia, focusing in recent years on the United States of the Obama era. Hi images have been extensively featured in leading international newspapers, magazines and broadcasted across major multimedia platforms.

Gaia Light is a New York City based artist, photographer and filmmaker born in Rome, Italy. Her current work, presented mainly through photography-based series, focuses on Contemporary Society: a conceptually and critically based approach to the image as cultural artifact, this work utilizes photography, video, installation, and performance. Her photographs and artworks have been extensively exhibited Internationally and published by leading international newspapers, magazines and multimedia platforms.
language:english pages: 208 illustrations: 120 binding: paperback with flaps release: December 2014
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