Outside the Studio

Greg Gorman

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ISBN: 9788862083911

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Outside the Studio represents Greg Gorman’s tenth monograph and third to be published by Damiani. This book takes Gorman outside the reaches of his studio portrait and figure study work, for which he is well known, and onto the streets of South East Asia-somewhat of unchartered territory for the artist. Traveling initially on behalf of Epson, where he was giving symposiums on fine art digital printing throughout much of Singapore, Malaysia.

China and India, gave Gorman a first hand look at these very different cultures. It also came at the very beginning of the digital revolution and the transition from analogue to digital cameras. All of this was very new for someone who had shot film for more than thirty plus years. For Gorman, being in the studio with the likes of a Brando, De Niro or Pacino was second nature to him, but thrusting him in front of strangers in uncontrollable situations was a new adventure!
language:english pages: 156 illustrations: 140 binding: hardback with jacket release: December 2014
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