Lakes & Reservoirs Series | Collector's Edition

Matthew Brandt

€ 2.500,00

Collector's edition of 17 unique prints.

ISBN: 9788862083751

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This Collector's Edition includes the book 'Lakes & Reservoirs ' and one of these 17 unique prints realized by Matthew Brandt in 2014. Each of the 17 prints is titled Container, plus its unique number. Technique: unique C-Print, soaked in water collected from various lakes in the Western United States. Size: 11x14 inches. Each is signed and numbered by Matthew Brandt.
Matthew Brandt creates his work using physical elements from the depicted subject. Inspired by landscape photography of the American West and alternative photograph processes developed during photography’s infancy in the mid-nineteenth century—the artist revives traditional photographic techniques through various production processes. Whether soaking prints in water from the depicted lake, printing on paper made from the subject tree, or even using a pigment created from the subject, Brandt blurs the line between the photograph and the photographed.
language:english pages: 176 illustrations: 120 binding: hardback release: July 2014
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