The Home Stage

Jessica Todd Harper

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Foreword by Alain de Botton, text by Alison Nordstöm

ISBN: 9788862083645

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Jessica Todd Harper’s latest collection of images is aptly called The Home Stage, a double entendre that alludes to both the home bound lifestyle of families with small children as well as the idea that home is the stage on which children first learn how to live. Her nuanced treatment of her subjects and environs, coupled with her elegant compositions, unique color palette and handling of light theatrically transforms each room and yard into stage sets. No detail is left untouched by her eye. Private but universal she is genuine, tender, uninhibited and at times humorous, bearing the emotional range of the finest actress and pulling the strongest performances from a supporting cast that includes her husband, her children, her sister, other family members and friends.
language:english pages: 112 illustrations: 50 binding: hardback release: July 2014
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