The Way They Were. Portraits & Stories from the 20th Century

Giuseppe Pino

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ISBN: 9788862083416

The wider audience knows Giuseppe Pino only as a refined portraitist, and an extraordinary observer of the jazz universe but in four decades he has kept his style intact while working in different genres: nudes, fashion, advertising and corporate image. There are recurring features in his images and portraits: irony, together with naturalness (not much), a lot of surrealism and, today, even a bit of sarcasm.

Giuseppe Pino was born in Milan in 1940 with a mix of French, Swiss and Sicilian blood. In 1962 he began to photograph at Panorama magazine, where he worked for 7 years shooting covers. In 1973, he moved to New York where he lived for many years in the turmoil of the magic jazz world, catching its most intimate moments.
language:English pages: 288 illustrations: 250 binding: hardback release: February 2014
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