Vietnam 40 years later

Robert Dodge

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ISBN: 9788862083256

From the watery and lush farmlands of the Mekong to the lush green rice paddies of the Red River region; from the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches of the coastline to the tropical mountains of the north; from the historic corridors of Hanoi to the bustling business, fashion and media center of Ho Chi Minh City, Dodge provides a captivating cross section of a country that has shaken off its violent past and now appears to be in constant motion.

To be sure, Dodge’s exploration reveals a country at a crossroads with serious economic and political challenges. But whatever Vietnam ultimately does to fix its economy or confront human rights issues, Dodge has provided viewers with a new and insightful perspective on a country that is once again connected to the United States and the West economically, politically and militarily.

Robert Dodge (born Miami Beach, Florida, 1952) is a commercial, editorial and fine arts photographer and writer in Washington DC. With more than 30 years in journalism and public relations, Dodge is a seasoned communications professional. While photography has been a part of Robert’s life since age 14, he spent more than 30 years as a newspaper writer and editor. He left The Dallas Morning News in 2006 where he had been a Washington correspondent for about 20 years. Robert believes that photography is often overlooked as a powerful tool in public affairs communications. He lives in Washington DC.
language:english pages: 120 illustrations: 100 binding: hardback release: January 2014
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