Somewhere there's music

Larry Fink

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"Thelonious told me: when you're swinging, swing some more!'. Text by George E. Panichas.

ISBN: 9788889431566

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Somewhere There’s Music is an extraordinary collection of portraits dedicated to the musical world and its protagonists, with a special attention paid to jazz musicians. The collection of images seems particularly significant with respect to previous ones, as it documents the photographer’s career, chronologically and in its entirety and testifies to Fink’s sensitivity towards the esthetic value of jazz music, as well as to the deeper connotations expressed by its history. As explained by George Panichas in his text: As can be witnessed in the photographs reproduced in this volume, Fink’s response to the musicians whose images he records has a distinctively moral quality; it is one of profound respect. This respect is the appropriate response — it is something owed — to those who, in the face of multiple and persistent burdens, worked knowledgably, creatively, and with integrity. All the most important jazz musicians have been recorded by Fink’s camera: from Coleman Hawkins to Lightning Hopkins, from Archie Shepp to Albert Ayler, from Roland Kirk to Marion Brown, from Leroy Jenkins to Jackie McLean...
Larry Fink, a professor of photography at Bard College, is a two-time National Endowment for the Arts fellow and a Guggenheim fellow with one-man shows at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, the Whitney Museum, NYC, and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
language:Italiano pages: 152 illustrations: 110 binding: hardcover with sleeve release: fall 2006
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