Toiletpaper Volume I | Red edition

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

€ 50,00

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ISBN: 9788862082105 Red

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After a successful first edition of the Yellow edition, now the Red edition is available for Toiletpaper’s collectors and lovers all around the world!

FEMALE VOICE: Buy our book! Buy it, buy it!
MALE VOICE: The only book that comes in two editions: one Yellow, one Red.
FEMALE VOICE: Buy the Yellow! Buy the Red! Buy our book for there are two!
MALE VOICE: Exactly the same book, yet so different.
FEMALE VOICE: Nice and ugly!
MALE VOICE: The Yellow book!
FEMALE VOICE: Big and small!
MALE VOICE: The Yellow book!
VOICES: This is the Yellow edition! The Red edition! The Yellow edition! The Red edition!
language:Engliah pages: 232 illustrations:150 binding: hardback release: December 2013
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