Paola Pivi

Paola Pivi

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In collaboration  with Galerie Perrotin
Text by Massimiliano Gioni, Jens Hoffmann

ISBN: 9788862083195

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In the last ten years, has photographed a donkey on a small boat and an ostrich having a walk with his feet in the Mediterranean sea; taken 2 zebras to snow-covered mountains; created a sort of mausoleum-castle with cookies and a large pizza measuring 2.32 meters across; placed a lorry on its side and turned a fighter jet upside down, with the cockpit touching the ground...

The artist produces works that comes from pre-existing ordinary materials and living creatures but the way she puts them into conjunction creates very extraordinary situations, unusual and enigmatic environments: paintings blooming into amazing colored pearls sculptures, ribbons standing as powerful minimalist installations,everyday liquids such as coffee or inkforming monochromatic paintings and sculptures.

Paola Pivi likes to generate ambiguous and contradictory feelings like lightness and weight, smoothness and violence, warm and cold, seriousness and absurdity, singularity and mass. As is often the case in Paola Pivi’s exhibitions, narration is not straightforward. The first impression of strong visual surprise gives way to an analysis that leads the viewer into an atypical, absurd, bizarre and extravagant world. The artist likes to create improbable situations, to be experienced and experimented with.
language:English pages: 192 illustrations: 100 binding: hardcover release: December 2013
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